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[News] Q&A Session of Panelists at AmiwestANN.lu
Posted on 27-Jul-2003 07:31 GMT by Daniel Miller78 comments
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Here are some quotes from the panelists who spoke at the Amiwest banquet this evening. They were Bill Buck, Ben Hermans, moderator Kermit Woodall, Jens Shoenfeld, and Jeri Elsworth. Kermit: This is a great time to be in this community. We are getting new products.

Ben: Thanks for your patience. Thanks for waiting for OS4. There's new hardware just around the corner. 30 people [referring to Mai Logic] are working on the Amiga One hardware. I just came back from Fremont California where I had a meeting with some executives who had just returned from Taiwan. The Amiga One Lite is just around the corner. I'm very excited. There's no reason not to buy your Amiga One now. New things are right around the corner. There is modular work to be done to get OS4 on the Amiga One, things like serial device. These things haven't been done yet but it's not rocket science. Right now we are focused on finishing OS4.

Jens: I would like to talk about the Catweasel. It allows very low level access to a disk. The Catweasel may be able to read degrading, old disks. I am talking tonight about software for a change, the software we use for this. It's graphical, open-sourced, will be released for Windows first. Ports for Linux, MorphOS and Amiga OS should follow. Here's a diagram of low level magnetic flux transmissions.

Jeri: Three years ago I decided to make my own computer. I was fanatical about the C64 as a child. I took an early version of the computer to a C64 convention and the crowd went nuts. Jens assisted me with financial backing for my work and invited me to Germany where I spent 5 or 6 months creating the current board.
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