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[News] MorphOS Developer Connection hits 400 Registered Developers!ANN.lu
Posted on 21-Nov-2003 16:03 GMT by Senex69 comments
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MorphOS Developer Connection hits 400 Registered Developers!
Developers range from over 50 countries. MDC hit 400 today. Congratulations to all of you. The Connection has been a progressively useful tool to all those involved because you contribute and work together to advance the operating system and the platform. Also, special congratulations to the Core MorphOS Development Team and especially to Ralph Schmidt. :-D We salute you!

Thanks also to Felix Schwarz who created the site and moderates it. Felix is working on MDC2 which will be based on Callisto and is coming!

MorphOS is destined to be at a computer near you soon!

Great work!

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Comment 2Eva21-Nov-2003 15:16 GMT
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Comment 4hesdeadjim21-Nov-2003 15:25 GMT
Comment 5bbrvRegistered user21-Nov-2003 15:25 GMT
Comment 6Bill Hoggett21-Nov-2003 15:25 GMT
Comment 7Kronos21-Nov-2003 15:28 GMT
Comment 8Matt Parsons21-Nov-2003 16:01 GMT
Comment 9Christophe DecaniniRegistered user21-Nov-2003 16:01 GMT
Comment 10DaveP21-Nov-2003 16:07 GMT
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Comment 12bbrvRegistered user21-Nov-2003 16:09 GMT
Comment 13Kronos21-Nov-2003 16:18 GMT
Comment 14Anonymous21-Nov-2003 16:55 GMT
Comment 15Oppressor21-Nov-2003 17:13 GMT
Comment 16Christophe DecaniniRegistered user21-Nov-2003 17:29 GMT
Comment 17Oppressor21-Nov-2003 17:53 GMT
Comment 18bbrvRegistered user21-Nov-2003 18:45 GMT
Comment 19Oppressor21-Nov-2003 18:46 GMT
Comment 20Coder21-Nov-2003 19:03 GMT
Comment 21Matt Parsons21-Nov-2003 19:07 GMT
Comment 22smithy21-Nov-2003 19:13 GMT
Comment 23MIKE21-Nov-2003 19:46 GMT
Comment 24Nate DownesRegistered user21-Nov-2003 19:49 GMT
Comment 25Bill Hoggett21-Nov-2003 21:31 GMT
Comment 26Trizt21-Nov-2003 21:31 GMT
Comment 27Nate DownesRegistered user21-Nov-2003 21:43 GMT
Comment 28smithy21-Nov-2003 23:31 GMT
Comment 29EyeAm22-Nov-2003 01:35 GMT
Comment 30EyeAm22-Nov-2003 01:43 GMT
Comment 31Anonymous22-Nov-2003 06:23 GMT
Comment 32DaveP22-Nov-2003 07:10 GMT
Comment 33Bob22-Nov-2003 08:56 GMT
Comment 34Bill Hoggett22-Nov-2003 09:34 GMT
Comment 35Bill Hoggett22-Nov-2003 09:36 GMT
Comment 36Amon_ReRegistered user22-Nov-2003 10:11 GMT
Comment 37ikir22-Nov-2003 11:10 GMT
Comment 38samface22-Nov-2003 13:08 GMT
Comment 39takemehomegrandmaRegistered user22-Nov-2003 14:43 GMT
Comment 40GenesiAndPushoverJudges22-Nov-2003 14:53 GMT
Comment 41X-Ray a Key22-Nov-2003 15:02 GMT
Comment 42takemehomegrandmaRegistered user22-Nov-2003 15:08 GMT
Comment 43Ronald22-Nov-2003 15:28 GMT
Comment 44X-Ray a Key22-Nov-2003 16:41 GMT
Comment 45Bob22-Nov-2003 19:44 GMT
Comment 46tonya22-Nov-2003 20:13 GMT
Comment 47Nate DownesRegistered user22-Nov-2003 20:13 GMT
Comment 48Kronos22-Nov-2003 20:19 GMT
Comment 49Bill Hoggett22-Nov-2003 20:33 GMT
Comment 50pixie22-Nov-2003 20:44 GMT
Comment 51Bob22-Nov-2003 21:16 GMT
Comment 52Kronos22-Nov-2003 21:31 GMT
Comment 53Bill Hoggett22-Nov-2003 23:35 GMT
Comment 54Ray A. AkeyRegistered user23-Nov-2003 02:34 GMT
Comment 55Bill Hoggett23-Nov-2003 02:50 GMT
Comment 56Don CoxRegistered user23-Nov-2003 07:32 GMT
Comment 57Alkis TsapanidisRegistered user23-Nov-2003 12:09 GMT
Comment 58DaveP23-Nov-2003 13:41 GMT
Comment 59Alkis TsapanidisRegistered user23-Nov-2003 15:28 GMT
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Comment 63Ray A. AkeyRegistered user24-Nov-2003 00:12 GMT
Comment 64Oppressor24-Nov-2003 01:07 GMT
Comment 65Anonymous24-Nov-2003 03:33 GMT
Comment 66samface24-Nov-2003 06:09 GMT
Comment 67samface24-Nov-2003 06:39 GMT
Comment 68Alfred Schwarz24-Nov-2003 09:11 GMT
Comment 69Alkis TsapanidisRegistered user24-Nov-2003 10:41 GMT
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