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Posted on 03-May-2004 03:42 GMT by Ronald St-Maurice22 comments
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Are we so dissimilar? If you asked us to list the troubling issues facing the RISC OS platform right now, the lack of more modern hardware support and the OS development split between Castle and RISCOS Ltd. would probably be there, right at the top, beating other problems like the USB split between Castle and Simtec and the gradual slowdown in software development... More...
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RISC OS vs. AmigaOS : Comment 9 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by Graham_nli on 03-May-2004 14:50 GMT
The few Acorn fans at school were such snobs... they never worked out why there were 2 people sitting around the Acorn and 10 around the Amigas.

The Acorn did have a lot more processing power than the Amiga, its little 8MHz ARM processor was a better processor than a 7.3MHz 68000. Sadly the graphics were simple framebuffer as far as I recall. 8 channel audio though, but I don't know how much work the audio chip did compared with Paula.

I still think that C= should have made a more powerful version of the A500 back in 1988 or so to sell along side for a couple of hundred quid more. Full 1MB memory and a processor that was at least twice as fast. It would have provided the "drool" machine for people that could only afford the A500, it would have provided a higher spec machine for games that needed more processing power (3d games for example) and the cost would have come down. Because the faster processor version existed, games would have been written for it, driving demand for the faster machine, and creating a necessary upgrade routine, like with current PCs. The A600 and A1200 were too little, too late.
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