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[Forum] [forum] OS4 video by crisotANN.lu
Posted on 11-Jul-2004 14:50 GMT by Wankerraffalellelala164 comments
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Just in case you didn't noticed:: 'Crisot' (the same guy who released the 'pegasos in the toilet' video some time ago, about we laught a lot) released a video which shows current status of OS4 (please check the previous posting here on ann.lu). I have watched this video now again and again and it's normal to come to the conclusion that it's faked. No, not the content, but the speed. The framerate is not correct/realtime, it was made faster. You can spot this easily by watching the mouse movements of the user for example.

Is OS4 so bad that's required to release a video which is 'faked' in such way? I don't think so. And yes, I agree that the Prerelease isn't "the fast thing" i expected to get for my A1.

It makes me a little bit sick how some users are operate to spread 'propaganda'. Isn't it bad enough already that OS4 is so much behind the competition in same market. Now MorphOS users laugh at me for beeing a loyal amiga user. :-\ I'm already happy with the Prerelease, but I hope thing will become a lot faster, but such video is useless.

This is a request to all: please keep such stuff out of this community. When you release a video then release a video which shows true facts. It's from absolutly no use to 'lie' by publishing false information. In the end the normal user is the only stupid.

Crisot, release a proper version of your video to stop this! Thanks. @kemp:
Sorry for posting over anonymizer, but i have reasons to keep my IP/ identity secret for now. Thanks for your understanding. But I feelt it is required to bring this to public discussion. :\
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