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Posted on 16-Jul-2004 11:56 GMT by Michal (Edited on 2004-07-17 14:23:44 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä)76 comments
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Amiga is now so divided that groups is threaten its reputation. More and more people which I try to sell MorphOS or AmigaOS4 to, says that the war/etc discussions between this groups kills the platform. Amiga needs a good reputation and it wont have that before we all agree on that going on with both under one name. Which is AMIGA as PC is in the other side of computing. Amiga is a strong word. People remember it,.. but with Amiga showing off that we have AmigaOne, Pegasos etc++ That the community is running PPC motherboard components. That this community is about beein our self. To show that we are different. This is good! And we need to turn the negative words against each other over to positive words. We as the Amiga community controlled lots of it, when everything seemed lost. And now were splitted for nothing? Who's to blame? No one! Its about time, its about the time we all have waited. That users, etc companies have found out how good AmigaOS code is. That it is revolutionary in many ways, but it dosen't help when this community trhows snowballs on each sides when actually both sides is fighting for the same thing. To be the next generation Amiga.

But as Classic Amiga was and is the real Amiga. This new PPC motherboards is not Amiga at all. But they are choices. They have become new choices for everyone. And now we need to rebuild it all. We need to focus on getting Amiga reputation back. And that Amiga as from now on stands for what we all was and are. A userbase that is different and that we really care about each others.

Let us be the Spirit Of Amiga. Let us give Amiga a new life, a community that cares and that wants support from other big companies etc. Medias have allways been overwhelming positive over us. We cannot destroy it now. We need to focus on beeing an alternative platform to Linux, BeOS, Windows, MacOS etc.

Spirit Of Amiga logo

Now lets start to be what Amiga is allways been. The personal computer for home and entertainment areas!

Regards, Michal, www.amigaworld.org

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We should all stand tougether! : Comment 51 of 76ANN.lu
Posted by Sammy Nordström on 16-Jul-2004 22:17 GMT
In reply to Comment 48 (Janne):
>>It's a utopia. The "choices" available to us are in direct competition with
>>each other and the companies behind them are doing everything they can to
>>oppose each others efforts.
>But there really isn't any need for it to be a utopia. While it certainly
>remains to be seen if it ends up that way, I really don't see any pressing
>reason why it should be like that.

It's not that it should nor that I want it to be like this, I'm just concluding that it is a direct result of the opposing efforts in this tiny market and I don't see anything that could possibly change this. Not now, nor in the near future.

>Sure, I agree we have competing companies out there, and agreed, they are not
>exactly on the best of terms, but why should that reflect to the user base?

Public slandering of the products as well as the individuals behind them, mudslinging, lawsuits, philosophical restrictions and differences to both the hardware and the operating systems making us unable to run the same applications, the inventions of new software as well as hardware standards that is making our systems less compatible, emotional attachments, different paths and strategies for future developments, the complete lack of respect for intellectual properties, the inability to realize our differences, the inability to compromise, the inability to see things through the viewpoint of the other...

How could any of this possibly NOT affect the users? Furthermore, you cannot simply disregard that we're users of different computer systems. I mean, we're not even a part of the same user base to begin with. From a user point of view rather than a technical one, we have about as much in common as an Amiga500 user and a PC user with WinUAE. Different hardware, different operating systems, while the ability to run old 68K Amiga software and a broken dream of the Amiga is the only common denominators.

The only way to solve this situation would be if everyone realized the above instead of acting like priests in the holy church of Amiga. You know, I used to like the idea of an "Amiga spirit" that would be a force of united Amiga users fighting against the mainstream computer platforms. However, today this idea seems to have become some kind of excuse for choosing an alternative computer that doesn't have the Amiga label, like everything is OK as long as it complies with the "Amiga spirit". Wake up and smell the coffee, the idea of trying to keep the "Amiga spirit" alive by applying it to something different goes against what the Amiga spirit was all about. The "Amiga spirit" is something that is supposed to unite us, not give us an excuse for going in different directions. I don't care how Amiga-alike the alternatives become, all of them is taking us in different directions rather than uniting us.

>Let the companies do what they do. That doesn't mean the users (or third
>party companies) can't stick together - no matter how loosely that might be.

Sure, I can get along with people. However, it's hard when the only things we have in common is where we disagree. :-P

>benefits Linux often benefits NetBSD benefits MacOS X benefits UNIX and so
>Why not Amiga?

Simple. Because our operating systems nor most of our applications are open source and the ones developing them are doing everything possible in order for the other to NOT benefit from their achievements. Besides, the jungle of forks and different standards in the *NIX world is NOT something I wish for the Amiga.

>Because we are blind zealots? Well. We are blind zealots, but luckily not the
>whole world is that way and perhaps, just perhaps, some of that rest of the
>world comes down pouring on us one day...

Well, even if they would, don't expect them to understand the concept of an "Amiga spirit" and the lack of a unified standard in hardware as well as software is quite discouraging for a newbie.

>We might at least, in our infinite blindness and zealotry, try to give it a
>fighting chance.

All I can say to that is "...divided we shall fall".
#52 Alkis Tsapanidis #55 Janne
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