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[Web] Epistula WiP - New Multi Protocol Instant MessengerANN.lu
Posted on 27-Jul-2004 16:27 GMT by Daniel Allsopp39 comments
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I've just setup a quick WiP page on my website to allow me to keep everyone up-to-date with my progress on the Instant Messenger application I'm writing.

Currently there are only a few screenshots running on OS4, but I hope to add to the features and progress reports as time, and progess, goes on.

Have a gander at http://www.the-snakepit.co.uk/epistula/

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Comment 1Anonymous27-Jul-2004 14:37 GMT
Comment 24pLaYeR27-Jul-2004 14:52 GMT
Comment 3hooligan/dcsRegistered user27-Jul-2004 14:55 GMT
Comment 4Thomas Würgler/PaganRegistered user27-Jul-2004 15:23 GMT
Comment 5krize27-Jul-2004 16:36 GMT
Comment 6Anonymous27-Jul-2004 17:15 GMT
Comment 7Frogger27-Jul-2004 17:30 GMT
Comment 8Daniel Allsopp27-Jul-2004 18:03 GMT
Comment 9Anonymous27-Jul-2004 18:12 GMT
Comment 10Thomas Würgler/PaganRegistered user27-Jul-2004 18:57 GMT
Comment 11Daniel Allsopp27-Jul-2004 19:24 GMT
Comment 12top27-Jul-2004 19:40 GMT
Comment 13top27-Jul-2004 20:01 GMT
Comment 14corpse28-Jul-2004 03:54 GMT
Comment 15Daniel Allsopp28-Jul-2004 07:45 GMT
Comment 16Stefan Blixth28-Jul-2004 07:55 GMT
Comment 17Ketzer28-Jul-2004 08:43 GMT
Comment 18Darren28-Jul-2004 08:51 GMT
Comment 19Kjetil28-Jul-2004 13:01 GMT
Comment 20Leki28-Jul-2004 13:09 GMT
Comment 21Anonymous28-Jul-2004 15:51 GMT
Comment 22Kulwant Bhogal28-Jul-2004 16:32 GMT
Comment 23hooligan/dcsRegistered user28-Jul-2004 16:57 GMT
Comment 24Daniel Allsopp28-Jul-2004 17:26 GMT
Comment 25Anonymous28-Jul-2004 18:45 GMT
Comment 26Daniel Allsopp28-Jul-2004 20:31 GMT
Comment 27q28-Jul-2004 21:12 GMT
Comment 28samo7928-Jul-2004 22:35 GMT
Comment 29Crumb // AATRegistered user29-Jul-2004 05:36 GMT
Comment 30Kulwant Bhogal29-Jul-2004 08:22 GMT
Comment 31Henrik Mikael Kristensen30-Jul-2004 07:06 GMT
Comment 32Darren30-Jul-2004 11:06 GMT
Comment 33Daniel Allsopp30-Jul-2004 21:28 GMT
Comment 34hooligan/dcsRegistered user31-Jul-2004 09:16 GMT
Comment 35popol31-Jul-2004 17:34 GMT
Comment 36hooligan/dcsRegistered user31-Jul-2004 18:58 GMT
Comment 37Daniel Allsopp02-Aug-2004 06:54 GMT
Comment 38neutraler02-Aug-2004 07:06 GMT
Comment 39ThePlayer02-Aug-2004 08:33 GMT
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