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[News] Updated PegXmac and PegXmacSP - new feature added!ANN.lu
Posted on 01-Aug-2004 21:59 GMT by PegXlin DEV7 comments
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PegXmac and PegXmacSP is now at version 1.2 Hard drive installer added and bug fixes *Squashfs - Updated to version 2.0 *MOL 0.70 to latest release version 0.70-6 Added new feature to PegXmac - Hard drive installer Goto http://pegxmac.zftp.com for more info. Need feedback on my Amigaone copy
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Comment 1bennymee02-Aug-2004 06:27 GMT
Comment 2ikirRegistered user03-Aug-2004 09:17 GMT
Updated PegXmac and PegXmacSP - new feature added! : Comment 3 of 7ANN.lu
Posted by spot on 03-Aug-2004 09:27 GMT
Uh... I am not paying money for a beta version of something that
I haven't tried/heard anything about before. It might turn out
I don't like it at all, or it being buggy/unusable. Yes, I am talking
about the A1 version here. How about making the beta free or time limited?
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Comment 4Alfred Schwarz04-Aug-2004 08:21 GMT
Comment 5Tronman05-Aug-2004 02:52 GMT
Comment 6anonymous05-Aug-2004 14:57 GMT
Comment 7spot11-Aug-2004 22:19 GMT
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