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Posted on 10-Oct-2004 16:21 GMT by Harald Frank31 comments
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New important powerpci 2.16 bugfix update!

This is needed to get full speed out of ArakAttack Poseidon USB-drivers.
You can download the latest version always from Amihtlon Support Site powerpci update details:

This update fixes a problem in internal dma memory handler where memory was not given free, an so internal functions would slow down alot on high use of dma buffers as in USB low level drivers like ArakAttack for Poseidon USB-Stack.

An update to latest version of powerpci is highly recomended!

Best regards, Harald Frank

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Comment 1Wayne Dresing, PhD10-Oct-2004 16:18 GMT
Comment 2Harald Frank10-Oct-2004 16:43 GMT
Comment 3MIKE10-Oct-2004 20:27 GMT
Comment 4Christophe DecaniniRegistered user10-Oct-2004 20:31 GMT
Comment 5redrumloa10-Oct-2004 21:31 GMT
Comment 6Alkis TsapanidisRegistered user10-Oct-2004 21:48 GMT
Comment 7brotheris11-Oct-2004 02:22 GMT
Comment 8Elwood11-Oct-2004 05:13 GMT
Comment 9top11-Oct-2004 05:58 GMT
Comment 10Anonymous11-Oct-2004 08:34 GMT
Comment 11Harald Frank11-Oct-2004 10:39 GMT
Comment 12NekoRegistered user11-Oct-2004 10:47 GMT
Comment 13Harald Frank11-Oct-2004 11:21 GMT
Comment 14Paul GaddRegistered user11-Oct-2004 13:01 GMT
Comment 15Harald Frank11-Oct-2004 13:48 GMT
Comment 16Chris Perver11-Oct-2004 14:10 GMT
Comment 17me11-Oct-2004 15:11 GMT
Comment 18Paul GaddRegistered user11-Oct-2004 15:11 GMT
Comment 19Harald Frank11-Oct-2004 16:15 GMT
Comment 20Bernie MeyerRegistered user11-Oct-2004 16:44 GMT
Comment 21Abuse11-Oct-2004 18:00 GMT
Comment 22Kjetil11-Oct-2004 20:10 GMT
Comment 23Lamont Cranston11-Oct-2004 22:26 GMT
Comment 24Anonymous12-Oct-2004 07:31 GMT
Comment 25MovieViewer12-Oct-2004 08:12 GMT
Comment 26Bernie MeyerRegistered user12-Oct-2004 11:16 GMT
Comment 27Null12-Oct-2004 12:54 GMT
Comment 28Chris H12-Oct-2004 13:51 GMT
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Comment 30Chris H13-Oct-2004 14:42 GMT
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