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Posted on 02-Jun-2000 13:35 GMT by Christian Kemp145 comments
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After recent negative press reports on Alive Mediasoft, both here on the unmoderated section of ANN, as well as on amiga-news.de and Czech Amiga News, I was surprised to receive an email from Steven Flowers saying: Let me give you somthing real to right about Alive will close very soon Earlier on, he already sent an email, trying to explain the situation with Goal 2000, that you can read below. Now, what is your opinion? Is Alive good or bad? What are your experiences with them? Remember, this isn't a witch hunt, so please don't flame, just state the facts. Hello,

First of all I'm pretty pissed off. KDH whom I've never dealt with or heard of have taken it upon themselves to distribute emails concerning the game Goal 2000 and their subsequent decision to cease distributing our games becasue they can't get it to work correctly, and there is a crack on the front.

Firstly, we received this enquiry only yesterday and acted immediately with an explanation and details of how to run the game correctly. However, a two-hour turnround on our response was apparantly not good enough and they've felt the need to go public with this matter with ridiculous accusations of it not being Goal 2000, but in fact just the plain old original Goal.

Obviously this is not the case. The CD does contain Goal 2000 details are below. Anyone having problems can contact us for advice.

What concerns me most is that people involved in the Amiga market seem to have nothing better to do than sit around on the internet stirring up trouble wherever possible when they don't have a clue about the real situation.

This may be a part-time hobby to some people, and quite a few appear to take great pleasure in dragging this market lower than it already is by nit-picking and squabling about everything and anything they can get their hands on.

Well it's about time that people realised this is a serious business with peoples lives and homes on the line. It is not a game.

If anyone has concerns about a product, anyones, they should address it with the company in question first, then if they are still unhappy with the outcome and feel there is an injustice to the public then fair enough go public, but at least wait for an explanation....

So Goal or Goal 2000?

Did Goal have a cup competition? NO
Did Goal have an aggregate knock-out competition? NO
Did Goal have the British Premier League? NO
Did Goal have a practically inpenetrable goalkeeper? YES
Did Goal have 1999-2000 teams? NO

So, how can Goal 2000 possibly be Goal?

I don't know what relevance this is but people seem intrigued... Goal 2000 is not a brand new project. We've never claimed it to be. It is in fact an old game called Goal Championship Cup Edition which never got released. Alive obtained this, updated it to the latest leagues and released it as Goal 2000.

Yes, there is a crack on the front as this was the only version available at the time of release, as is the case nowadays with so many re-releases and the like.

August will see the release of a free update for all Goal 2000 owners providing them with all the new teams for next years league and will also eliminate the crack from the front-end.

Last but not least we have been contacted by our German distributer GTI concerning this. As our products go through many third parties to reach Europe, it took a long time for the news of KDH's dissatisfaction to reach us.

As it turns out we have now had response from GTI stating they are satisfied with the product and there is no question of the origin of the game. Although this matter is now resolved to everyones satisfaction, it would have been alot better if people would contact us directly and wait for a response before jumping on the band waggon to put everything up on newsgroups.

I'm sick of explaining myself to the whole Amiga community about things that don't concern them but some people feel a need to be arrogant so I must address them.

The customer who bought Goal 2000 from us and has had trouble running it has indeed emailed us a few days ago about this. However, he's only bothered to email Jennie who is now on maternity leave and only gets her mail a few times a week. Alive have several emails including a technical support one for these exact type of problems. There's also the phone, yet he's never bothered trying any of these. He's now had a response explaining where's he's going wrong, but yet again news of this "problem" is already circulating around the news groups. There's really no need for this is there?

Bottom line is, this kind of pettiness will stop the public buying Alive's games - result being no more Alive mediasoft....

Now KDH have stopped selling Alive's products, you all know where to come for Elite 3 now don't you? He! He! He!

ALIVE mediasoft
Steven Flowers
The Pulse Editor

News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 41 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by S.Flowers on 03-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 40 (CAS):
I Will tell you all this now any of you say any more about my wife I
will hunt you down an rip your fucking head off is that clear.
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 42 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by William Eaves on 03-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 25 (Jennie Flowers - Alive mediasoft Ltd.):
Dear Alive,
I see Stephen gets Jennie to fight all his battles for him - what a coward.
As someone else said you have brought your troubles upon yourselves.
Please DO get your facts right when replying to customers who have
a GENUINE grievance about Alive's inability to deliver goods.
Jennie wrote:
Comment 17: Mr Eaves. You ordered some software including D.Opus.
You got everthing bar Opus as we can't get it which you were told in a
letter with your games. You were told to choose something else way
back in December. 6 months later you wrote and asked for Wipeout
instead. Fair enough, We don't keep this game in stock so when we
get more in you'll get one. If you don't wish to wait then please
contact us and request something else or your money back, it's that
It did seem that you were unable to supply DOpus Plus but a few enquiries
showed it was easily available from many other suppliers and also the authors. Not
that it seems Alive contact any of the original authors of the software you
My ORIGINAL order was in December as you will know from the letters I have written
to Alive and the emails I sent - assuming you actually read any, you never
actually answered any. Therefore I cannot have been told to choose something else
in December.
Your substitution that you form did NOT come with my games but much later, I had to ring
to find out why most of my order was missing, that was about three to four months
after the initial order. You did EVENTUALLY send Descent, a CDR copy with an
Amiga floppy which had read errors so was useless. I downloaded the Amiga side
from Aminet ! Your letter/form stated only IF I did not want to wait for DOpus
to order something else, there was no option of a refund. It only said IF you
could not supply DOpus I should re-order something else. After another TWO
months of waiting I decided to give YOU the benefit of the doubt - your track
record so far was not good - and ordered a GAME (the world's largest Amiga games
company would surely have games in stock!) which I had every confidence you could
supply. I did also state that if you could not supply this supply a refund.
I did not even get acknowlegment that you have received the substitution.
Just like the previous time not a single email was answered about my order or
whether or not you had received my substitution form.
This time I wrote and to ensure I got a reply mentioned solicitors. That at least
got a response even if Mr. Flowers was quite rude and arrogant. He then promised to
order Wipeout, yes order it, if you did not have it in stock you should NOT have cashed
my entire cheque over six months before. A decent company takes credit cards and only
debits for goods sewnt and only when sent. YOU take money beforehand without even
knowing nor caring whether or not you can or will supply the goods.
I am STILL waiting. I think over six months without any feedback or apology for delay
is rather bad don't you ? Any other company (honwest ones that is) would contact a
customer and tell them if goods are not available or there will be a delay. By now
most GOOD companies (including some very good AMIGA companies) would have at least
written to me or emailed without having to be prompted dozens of times. A GOOD
company would by now have sent a refund saying sorry please try elsewhere.
The *best* excxuse I can give Alive is sheer incompetence. However as the time is now ticking
to 7 months even the most brain dead company would have sorted out its mistakes by now.
No I stand by my comment that you are criminally inclined. It is up to YOU now to prove
otherwise by supplyinfg the goods I paid for nearly 7 months ago or a full refund.
ALIVE it is just not good enough, in my experience you are the worst Amiga company I have
ever dealt with. You take custom away from the good Amiga companies and are very bad for
the Amiga market which needs companies to SUPPLY Amiga software, something you seem entirely
incapable of doing.
I have been very patient so far but not any longer. Supply Wipeout or a refund now, I want no
more excuses. You may conveniently lose emails and letters but I ask you now in public to
supply what you owe me.
A general note. I think it would be a good idea to keep this forum open and every month we
can report whether Alive have delivered their promises or not. I have no reason to flame or
stir things with Alive as an end in itself, inabilityhave far better things to do. I have just
had enough of thebad service and I want that corrected.
When Alive do suply a refund or the goods they have so far held onto I will say so, if I am
still waiting I will say so. That sounds a good and fair solution. I have made my part of
the bargain and paid Alive. When they supply I will close the issue. I just wonder how many months
it will take though.
Still NOT happy with Alive with their incorrect dates and missing out half the facts.
PS. I have just seen Mr. Flowers rather unpleasant Comment 40. This is typical of the way Alive
behave to customers.
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 38 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 03-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
go to this link and you would have to deal with scumbags like Alive Mediasoft AGAIN!
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 39 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by CAS on 03-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
I bought a game from alive a couple of years ago and it did not work, on contacting alive all i got was abuse from Mr FLowers raving on about he was Amiga. Because I emailed alive with all the bugs I was finding in the game i was accused of bombarding them abusive mail. Hmmm Mr FLowers sure knows about abuse, this is one amiga publisher I am glad to see go and never return. CAS.
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 84 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Chris S on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 82 (mr p brown):
Sounds just like a certain software publisher, have a look at the mail address as well.
Chris S
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 85 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Paul on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 84 (Chris S):
Yes, it seems to be faked. That email address doesn't exist, and the style of writing remembers me the owner of a company who starts with "A" and ends with "live" :))
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 86 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Robert Simmonds on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 83 (Sven Harvey):
"I just hope this kind of thing doesn't happen when product starts arriving for the new Amiga..."
Well, I would think if the new amiga is to be a sucess, then the current user base will be drowned out by the newcomers. The community as we know it now will be so diluted that this sort of thing will look like just what it is: A few bored / bitter / sick people trying to bring someone down.
When the new amiga arrives, no-one will listen to or put up with this kind of stuff.
Robert Simmonds
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 81 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Johan Rönnblom on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
Don't the people who post "GO AWAY", "Looks like Mr Flowers taking part in this discussion under a highly convincing alternative identity.
Sounds like him too, but without the swearing.", stories about what
their friends heard and speculations about some game perhaps not being
licensed (not that they actually checked) realize that *if* Alive are
as unserious as they think, this behaviour only serves to give Alive
increased credibility? Since some of those attacking Alive are
obviously irrational, how do we know all aren't?
Well, I don't think so, because there are SOME voices of sanity
posting clear first-hand examples of their bad experience with Alive.
Personally I wouldn't hold Alive responsible for redistributing a
buggy game (which, as far as I know, has been enjoyed by many through
the years despite the bugs), but ok.. as long as the claim is made
straight and without adding personal insults and opinions, that's fair
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 82 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by mr p brown on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 25 (Jennie Flowers - Alive mediasoft Ltd.):
i have used alive quite a few times for orders and have never had any
problems.I have always found alive to be a good company all the people
writing here just seem to be talking shit.I have never had any abuse
from alive when phoning for imformation or service hence everybody
here just seem to be a bunch of f--king wa--kers.
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 83 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Sven Harvey on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 75 (Anonymous):
Yes yes... its getting boring just having a go at Alive, lets screw up ClickBoom whilst were here... yes why not, lets make sure we completely stop any chances of getting decent gaming software on the platform as a whole, shall we? For gods sake stop! Whos next on the list, huh? Hyperion? Epic? Titan maybe?
For the record, before things go into orbit about ClickBoom... I have EVERY ClickBoom Amiga game, most of which were bought from ClickBoom directly... They are highly professional, get the orders out asap... As far as I am aware they haven't screwed around with anyone... Which developers are they supposed to have messed with huh? Is it something to do with Napalm or T-Zero?
Give me a break...
I just hope this kind of thing doesn't happen when product starts arriving for the new Amiga...
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 80 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Nico on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
First out I'm not defending alive or attacking them, I'm just pointing out a few facts...
Fact 1 - There's no smoke without fire, the two constants about this are that alive
have failed to deliver OR are just bad with paperwork. The other is that the support
to customers is non existant and results in abuse.
Fact 2 - Unfortunatly Amiga users tend to suffer a knee jerk reaction to anything
they dont like, the result is a small band of very loud people embarking on a which
hunt, having been victim of this as has one of the comanies for which I was a reseller
I've watched this in action
Fact 3 - Is there any concreate proof of licencing vilations and breech of
copyright. The very fact that Trading Standards wont follow it up should send a
message. Trading standards are fast and effective *IF* there is a genuine reason
to prosecute.
Fact 4 - Alive have done some damage, I've seen the reports here and heard them filter
through user groups and my own comapany. Running an Amiga based business is difficult
at best, its a fine balance to keep going and tempers do get frayed. Most of the damage
is done by the small faction that have to flame everything that moves, P5,
Amiga themselves, IWin, the list goes on. New developers will not join a hostile market,
its only my questionable sanity thats made me come back.
I dont doubt for a Minute Alive are in the wrong, sadly its the norm to screw
Amiga users into the ground, I know of at least two other companies that perform dubious
practices such as issuing software then charging to fix the bugs/to supplie 'free'
modules. Add to the fact that not ONE of the big UK suppliers can get an order right
and you can see things are pretty bleak.
In short, if the users stop being so bloody hostile maybe, just maybe, things might get better.
Then again I doubt it
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 77 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 75 (Anonymous):
should be, "should not forget"...
just a suggestion
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 78 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by CAS on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 75 (Anonymous):
Why dont you go to the ANCO site get there phone nimber and call them then report back here.
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 79 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by David on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 77 (Anonymous):
My company is suffering from two ends here. Retailers and other companies are getting conned by supporting Alive at the expense of them stocking anything from us, and developers won't go near a UK Amiga publisher with a bargepole if they've already been ripped off by Alive. You're right, it's not difficult to publish an Amiga game badly, anyone can make CDR copies and sell 50 copies. I'm looking for a bit more from a professional publisher, and if as alleged Alive are just putting freeware/pirated software out at a low price of £10 or so they should be stopped. That's at least £500 a title for no effort and nothing constructive.
I have now reported Alive to ELSPA, the trade body who represent the likes of Electronic Arts. They're good. Trust me, they can get things done if they want - like busting Alive in their house with pirated CDs. Be afraid Steven Flowers, be very afraid ...
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 64 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Simon on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 65 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Chris S on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
How can alive release Ambermoon when it contains bugs that do not allow you to complete the game ? The reason this is going on and on is that on hell of a lot of people have been ripped off by alive and when they have rung alive to try and sort out the problems all they have had is abuse. In my mind it is not a witch hunt, only the truth and the truth is out and some people do not like it. If you do not like the truth do not read this thread. The other day alive announced they were to close now it seems they will continue. I have had first hand experience of alive and there abuse so thay cannot win me back and I do not now deal with any other company that deals in alive software. Sorry if you do not agree with me but alive made me very very angry in the past with there attitude towards Amiga owners. This is my last post on this matter unless of coarse I get more abuse. I do not think that we have heard the last of all this either.
Chris S
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 76 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Concerned on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 75 (Anonymous):
Office of Fair Trading and BBC`s Watchdog spring to mind.
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 66 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Simon P on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 65 (Chris S):
How can they release buggy software...???
Ask Microsoft - they are the experts at that!
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 67 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
Ahh few questions, does anyone remember the article in CU Amiga and Amiga Format quite awhile ago that said that Alive Mediasoft are nothing but a bunch of pirates.. can someone please dig up that article.. that should.. ahm.. shed some light :)
Didnt Ambermoon get released for free?
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 68 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Christian Kemp on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
Look, I do not know who is right or who is wrong in this matter. I merely
wanted people to voice their own experiences, after hearing from quite a few
people that Alive didn't perform well for them as a dealer.
I gave both Alive and their (former) customers a chance to report any and all
positive and negative experiences. But despite my request, some people have
been quite vocal and using strong language against others.
I'd like to ask anybody who participates in this thread to reconsider the
consequences of what is being written, and to remain polite at all times.
I received several requests from people to remove this thread, since they
believe it is giving ANN and/or the Amiga community a bad name. I'm reluctant
to remove any comments from these pages, since that would inevitably lead
to censorship. Therefore I am just issuing a request to anybody concerned:
please remain polite at all times and only make accusations if you have the
necessary information to back any and all of your claims.
Thank you.
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 69 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by David on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 68 (Christian Kemp):
I believe the person who has spoken to marketing director Saul at Anco does have the relevant proof in the form of an e-mail from this person. Alive are therefore planning to publish an unlicensed (pirated) version of the Kick Off series. I would like to know from Jennie Flowers who she has spoken to at Anco.
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 70 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Chris S on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 67 (Anonymous):
Yes you are right Ambermoon was sent to a Website owner by one one of the authers to put online for all to download. Do not recall those articles in CU or Format though, I will have dig out all my old mags.
Chris S
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 71 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by mrs stressed on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
I am quite stressed at the so called witch hunt on alive.
I have delt with alive for some time now and have not had any problems.
Jenny, kick butt girl, you have still got supporters!
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 72 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Chris S on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 68 (Christian Kemp):
I have said that alive used abuse towards me when I tried to sort out a problem, if it was not the truth then I would not write it. You must not remove this thread, if you do what happened to free speech. Maybe if someone is really abusive/insulting then I understand the removal. I see no messages on here apart from one and that one is the one regarding ripping f*****g heads off. I will not say who posted it because it could be anybody but you the moderater could find out from the IP address could`nt you.
Chris S
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 73 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Chris S on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
People must think we are all stupid or something. Do people not realise that you can tell who writes something buy the way it is written and what is said. All these messages of sympathy for alive certainly seem to be coming from one place do they not. If the moderator of this board is reading this check out where they are coming from its not hard and I know it can be done. It will answer a lot of qestions.
Chris S
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 74 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by CAS on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 63 (John):
I wonder who wrote this then.
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 75 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
I think someone should contact ANCO to see if Alive are really licensed, secondly I feel that we should forget other companies that have ripped off developers and users, the likes of Antigravity, and clickboom which ripped off a developer. I think developers should look more towards online registration and the form of keyfile reg or themselves producing CD's of the software, it only costs as little as $1.50 to produce a min of 500 CD's printed and labled with covers, we should cut out the middle person, ie. Alive and Clickboom, either look for reputable companies to publish or do it on your own and distribute on your own. As far as piracy goes, I heard that Alive Mediasoft have been doing it for years... is it possible that someone can do an audit on them?
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 62 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by David on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
I have just had a thought.... Ah' there's a first
I think we should all stop bickering about this at once...
Haven't we got important things to do?
David Connolly
7 Glyme Close
OX20 1LB
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 63 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by John on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 45 (Robert Simmonds):
I aggree!!!
I cannot see how a bunch of misfits can all gang-up on a company or individuals
and get away with it - I f i were Alive I would have this web-site shut down for
processing alligations without ANY proof..
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 60 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Paul on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 59 (Kurgan):
Ah-ha, I also think Alive Mediasoft hasn't the rights to produce and sell Phantasmagoria and Elite3..
Let's hope this's the end of Alive-Mediasoft ltd.. the damaged too much the Amiga market, hurting both customers and developers!
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 61 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Jennie Flowers on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 59 (Kurgan):
Just thought you'd like to know that Steven Flowers has indeed spoken
to Anco this morning at length, and had to apologise on your behalf
for wasting his time. Anco are more than happy with Alive mediasoft
and actually dicussed duplication of some of their other games with
Why is is that you feel a need to try and get Alive "into trouble"?
It's very childish and you're simply wasting the time of people at
this company and now even people at other firms like Anco.
I've also spoken to the author of Ambermoon this morning with the same
satisfactory results.
We may be "the worlds largest Amiga company" but why you think we
actually "publish" every game that's on sale out there is beyond me.
Must I explain and justify every move this company makes?
Stop the witch hunt now as you're doing nothing for this community but
wasting everyones time including ours.
Jennie Flowers
Alive mediasoft.
BTW: Kurgon: You seem to be making an awful lot of unfounded
allegations, yet you don't identify yourself (?)
If you have a personal problem with Alive voice it instead of trying
to stir up trouble. I'm sure I can resolve any gripes you may have in
a far better manner than this....
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 58 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Chris S on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
Why does mr flowers go on about Goal 2000 follow the included link for more information.
Chris S
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 59 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Kurgan on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
SO YOU NEED FACTS???? Here's a fact, they're re-releasing titles without
In issue 12 of The Pulse, Alive announces to release the compilation Ultimate
Kick Off which contains all Kick Off games Anco ever made for the Amiga. I've
asked the marketing director of Anco if they know about this and here is his
Dear XXX,
You're quite right. He hasn't been in contact with our firm. I will be
contacting him this morning and issuing a legal statement.
Thanks for your help.
Kind regards
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 57 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Chris S on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 53 (Robert Simmonds):
Well as you say when you have a problem with a company then you as you say the first step is to call said comapny. This is what I done when I had my problem with alive. It all started out OK with the person at the other end of the phone trying help but he then started denying that he could see a problem. I then mailed alive with all the bugs that I found, I did get a reply saying the matter would be looked into, a week or went by and I heard nothing so I mailed them asking about the problems and also why they had not responed to my mail. Well what I got back was unbelievable an absilute tirade from mr flowers accusing me of sending abusive mail to him. As you can imagine my back went straight up, during the next week I could not forget about that mail so I rang alive asking for an explanation as to why I had been accused of sending abusive mail. What did I get another tirade of abuse from mr flowers telling me that he was the Amiga and without him it would die and that if I did not have anything better to do I should get back to work. I still have the software that caused all the problems they never did change it. I do not know if you ever dealt alive but since that time all I ever heard around the Amiga community was how bad they was and how rude and abusive they could be on the phone. Being rude to customers is not the way to run business the word soon gets out as I said to mr flowers at the time.
Chris S
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 56 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Dave on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 53 (Robert Simmonds):
Nice to see a voice of sanity in all this. While I would argue for an industry
watchdog that actually had teeth there are legal methods of satisfying this
baying crowds lust for "revenge". Why dont the dissastisfied parties group together
and launch a civil action to reclaim/bankrupt. If the people on here have real
evidence to back up claims then the courts are where this discussion should be
held. Electronic media are too corruptable and prone to distortion which you
cannot trace.
It seems there are a whole load of upset people out there or a small number
with really loud voices. Im a little concerned we are only a few moments away
from the burning torches.
I am happy to sit here and listen to what everyone is saying but I personally
will only *believe* evidence. Until this goes through a court of law - innocent
until proven guilty IMHO. Im not saying anyone is lying I just dont believe in
persecution nor vigilantism.
The level of vitriol about this is far too high and facts are getting distorted
behind emotions.
It is typical of an internet and usenet flame fest, at the end the parties on all sides feel
dirtied and some ashamed about what they have written.
If you claim the right to slate Alive publically then they have the right to reply
and I would like to see that right defended.
Go ahead, take the mature route and flame me. Destroy my views publically if it gives you
some adrenaline kick. I will only respond to intelligent followups so why waste
( BTW A customer of Alive that has been treated fine - cannot say the same about
some of the other "big" UK Amiga related companies ).
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 55 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Bill Griffin on 04-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
I find it TRULY interesting how you left off the very last part of
their press release. You know the part that goes contrary to your
title on the article. The part that says (and I quote), "we will never
Not very responsible guys.
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 99 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Paul on 05-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 98 (rvo):
Ah.. it seems you didn't read some comments here: it's IMPOSSIBLE to contact Alive Mediasoft, as Steven Flowers always reply with bad words and adding "we're the Amiga, you're just a stupid customer. We don't need your money".
What people can do? Go to court, or simply make this public. It won't change anything maybe, but maybe it'll make Alive a bit more
responsable on what they're doing.
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 100 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by David on 05-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 99 (Paul):
100 comments about Alive. Now if I started a message named 'how good are alive' would we get 1 comment. I rest my case!
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 94 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by PeterP on 05-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
Why is it that most of the people on this tread are not even customers of Alive's
yet still have things to say about them...?
There appears to be alot of Amiga users out there that NEVER buy software..!?
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 98 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by rvo on 05-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
Having found some time to read all this, I would like to add my comment on this matter.
It seems to me that there's more insane customers than there are insane companies in this market
nowadays, I have never ordered anything from Alive so I'm afraid this is just another one of those
hyped-up events that occur from time to time in the Amiga scene.
I seem to recall other, similar, stories about Clickboom about a year ago, and I'm sure there have
been more in the past. My advise would be to let it rest, why fight out your problems with Alive
here, on the mailinglists and in newsgroups? This wont get you any further.
I'd suggest calling Alive personally, and sort out any trouble you have gone through directly
with the people responsible for it.
My advise to Steven, take a long holiday. :^)
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 97 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Robert Simmonds on 05-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 91 (Ben):
"I think that if you had evey had trouble with Alive
then you may have other ideas."
Perhaps I would yes, but problems or not, I would certainly not flame them publically, and certainly not to this degree.
It has got to the point now where people are accusing them of things that they have NO proof of what-so-ever.
Anyway, I am sick of trying to make people see sense, so I am not partaking in this anymore. If you wish to flame me, go ahead, but you will only lose more credibility.
Robert Simmonds
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 96 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Chris S on 05-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
Sorry to go on but did/has anybody read mr flowers letter about Goal 2000, here is a small part of it "August will see the release of a free update for all Goal 2000 owners providing them with all
the new teams for next years league and will also eliminate the crack from the front-end. " Eliminate the crack on the front end, nothing like admitting the fact that it is pirate software. Nothing like digging yourself a hole is there.
Chris S
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 95 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Kurgan on 05-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 94 (PeterP):
Dear PeterP,
many developers are writing comments here, who have never reveived and money
for the software, which they made for Alive Mediasoft. This discussion hasn't
started about how bad Alive is talking to their customers. This discussion
started, because Paolo D'Urso from Darkage Software has never received any money
from Alive for his program "Extreme". After fighting for more than one year for
his money and receiving nothing else than *bad* answers, he was so tired, that
he made his story public. You can read the truth at the Darkage Software website
Now the author of GoldEd has made his story public too (read comment Nr.88) and
it seems Alive AGREED, that they have sold illegal software.
Why do we discuss this in the public?
Well, so many developers were ripped off by Alive and have stopped producing
software for the Amiga, because they were sick and tired about what Alive has
done to them. If you take Jeppe Nielsen, who currently works on the game
"Homeworld" for Alive (his first commercial game, if I'm right). When the game
is released, then Jeppe probably will never see any money for this game! He'll
be disappointed and maybe will never make any program for the Amiga. Therefore
we say the truth here. The Amiga needs every developer and Alive isn't the
biggest Amiga company - they're the biggest company who' ripping off developers!
To Robert Simmonds: If companies are honest with their developers and customers,
then such discussions won't start. If companies are destroying the Amiga market
with their actions, then the truth must come true!
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 93 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Cartman on 05-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
Well, I must say I'm surprised at how long this thread is becoming (when it comes to flaming, people just don't seem to stop). Well, I've dealt with quite a few companies over the years (Amiga and non-Amiga), and I've had good and bad experiences. Later, I've also worked for a computer business, where we had satisfied and dissatisfied customers, which is quite common (You can keep some people happy some of the time, but you can't keep everybody happy ALL of the time). I'm sure Alive tried to do their best in dealing with all the orders that have seemingly poured in, but if they're only two people they can only handle THAT much. Of course, they shouldn't bite off more than they can chew, but sometimes that just isn't possible to avoid. Some people say they've been abused when they've called Alive, and that ofcourse is unacceptable. When I worked as a computer engineer, and had to answer the support phone, I always acted in a professional and calm manner towards the customer I was dealing with. I hope if Alive choose to remain in business, they'll clean up their act.
(I'm not saying they ARE rude to people as I've never dealt with them, but seeing all the comments above, I can only assume it's true)
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 92 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Chris S on 05-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
Now look some of you seem to think that is is a witch hunt, it is not, we who care about the Amiga community have been waiting for this chance to let all Amiga users know about alive and thier trading practices. Oh by the way ANCO were called yesterday and know nothing of any of thier games being sold on CD by anybody. When people post here saying we have spoken to so and so company and they said this and that, do they think that we cannot also ring these companies to confirm the statements, It seems the more they say the deeper the hole gets.
Chris S
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 90 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by kriz on 05-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
I have never ordered anything from Alive but, as i can see they are ripping off
everyone in the Amiga communitee!
Whats up with selling fake GoldED and CDRs???! And whats up with Goal2000?
No HD-Installer or 040/060Fix ??
Alive! Answer this !!
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 91 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Ben on 05-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 86 (Robert Simmonds):
Why do you think no-one will listen to "this stuff"
do you think that most people like to be ripped off?
I think that if you had evey had trouble with Alive
then you may have other ideas.
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 89 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 05-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 88 (Paolo "Mod3m" D'Urso):
they have been pirating software for god knows how long, and nothing has been done about it..... arent developers out there going to do something about this, Amiga Market is small as it is. Developers arent getting paid much as it is.. and alive is milking the market with pirate software. They have pirated hell of a lot more than GoldEd, people will be suprised how much they have really pirated.
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 87 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Mario Saitti on 05-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 51 (Mikey C):
Mike, I notice you failed to use your legal training to point out the damning implications of the statements apparently made by Jenni(SP?) Flowers. Naughty of you my friend:)
Mario Saitti
News from Alive Mediasoft : Comment 88 of 145ANN.lu
Posted by Paolo "Mod3m" D'Urso on 05-Jun-2000 22:00 GMT
Please all take a look at http://members.tripod.com/golded/studio09.htm where it's reported that Alive Mediasoft sold illegal copies of GoldEd Studio 6 using their registration number!
Do we need more proofs? I'm okay to scan the contract I did with them, to show they broke all the points (except one) in the contract. I've contacted my lawyer and until I don't modify or add comments, it's legal to make public a signed contract.
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