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[News] New photos of AmigaMania13 June French MeetingANN.lu
Posted on 11-Jul-2002 18:20 GMT by Stephane Marrec54 comments
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Here are more photos of the meeting ArtBastringue/AmigaMania in Toulouse (FRANCE) June 22-23 2002 .

- Photos of an "AmigaOne SE" running LinuxPPC, - Photos of the new "AmigaOne XE" showed by Alan Redhouse (Eyetech) during the conférence - Photos of "cristO classic" high end tower case from Naya Design. - Various photos of well known french Amiga users (Professionals and normal users) - and more... :)
Gallery 1 AmigaMania13_1
Gallery 2 AmigaMania13_2

Unfortunely no comment for each photos is available. You can find the other photos about that meeting, at the French Amiga Association "AFLE" web site:
AmigaMania13 AFLE

Other infos about organization and program of that weekend:
AmigaMania13 info

And various infos on past news:

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