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Posted on 12-Aug-2002 13:45 GMT by essefee17 comments
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http://www.geek.com/news/geeknews/2002Aug/bpd20020812015831.htm A brief news item that you can add in your own comments :) Lets show Amiga in a good positive light, shall we ? SF
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Comment 1stp12-Aug-2002 13:33 GMT
Comment 2esseffe12-Aug-2002 14:00 GMT
Comment 3Derf12-Aug-2002 14:24 GMT
Comment 4Anonymous12-Aug-2002 14:59 GMT
Comment 5stp12-Aug-2002 15:01 GMT
Comment 6Derf12-Aug-2002 15:35 GMT
Comment 7Anonymous12-Aug-2002 16:05 GMT
Comment 8.john12-Aug-2002 17:35 GMT
Comment 9.john12-Aug-2002 17:50 GMT
Comment 10takemehomegrandma12-Aug-2002 18:40 GMT
Comment 11takemehomegrandma12-Aug-2002 18:40 GMT
Comment 12Timamigammcshawnsamface.johnRue12-Aug-2002 18:53 GMT
Comment 13Anonymous12-Aug-2002 20:57 GMT
Comment 14gary_c13-Aug-2002 00:15 GMT
Comment 15Corsica13-Aug-2002 13:28 GMT
Comment 16George Wyche13-Aug-2002 22:34 GMT
Comment 17DaveW14-Aug-2002 04:50 GMT
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