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[News] WOASE Show Report and PicturesANN.lu
Posted on 03-Nov-2002 20:23 GMT by Sam "Bifford the Youngest" Byford10 comments
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Sam Byford's Photos and Report on the WoaSE 2002 Show. Available on the kickstart site. Visit http://www.kickstart-amiga.co.uk/ If anyone wants to send me photos to add to the site please be my guest. Unfortunatly I didn't have much time During the show to take pictures so most of these are pre-show shots.
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Posted by Anonymous on 04-Nov-2002 00:14 GMT
That certainly beats <a href="http:index.html"> for the moronic HTML prize. I realise that most people don't know what an SGML comment is, but surely even the most pig-headed person can figure out that if '--' is somehow magic it won't be smart to leave a whole line of them around, especially without counting how many.
For anyone wishing to learn from this mistake, try varying the numbers of dashes in the comment line and comparing the results. Once you've made yourself thoroughly confused, remember only this: Start an HTML comment with <!-- and end it with --> and never use the pair of characters '--' inside the comment. This rule will keep you safe. Or, buy a copy of Goldfarb and spend the next month coming to the same conclusion for yourself.
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