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[News] WOASE Show Report and PicturesANN.lu
Posted on 03-Nov-2002 20:23 GMT by Sam "Bifford the Youngest" Byford10 comments
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Sam Byford's Photos and Report on the WoaSE 2002 Show. Available on the kickstart site. Visit http://www.kickstart-amiga.co.uk/ If anyone wants to send me photos to add to the site please be my guest. Unfortunatly I didn't have much time During the show to take pictures so most of these are pre-show shots.
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Posted by Sam "Bifford the Youngest" Byford on 04-Nov-2002 16:07 GMT
In reply to Comment 7 (Anonymous):
Mr. Chicken Anonymous said:
"Start an HTML comment with <!-- and end it with --> and never use the pair of characters '--' inside the comment. "
Ok, ok. So I never thought of that one. But lets face it if PC/mac browsers wernt so damn lame it'd work with that because anything inside those <!-- --> which i HAD done correctly would simply be ignored. Not my fault the stoopid browsers got confused!!
I've now changed the news.html and events.html pages to have <!-- ========== --> as their spacers instead.
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