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[News] Amiga Inc. Has Sold AmigaOS RightsANN.lu
Posted on 16-Mar-2004 01:11 GMT by Anonymouse124 comments
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Amiga Inc. Has Sold AmigaOS Rights : Comment 121 of 124ANN.lu
Posted by Tigger on 18-Mar-2004 07:28 GMT
In reply to Comment 118 (Graham_nli):
I doubt anyone said that it was a photoshop forgery, if they did then more fool them.
Pay closer attention, people this week were explaining how it was a photoshop forgery, which is really funny to all of thus who saw it, and Wayne who scanned it.

The business card exists, sure. The person who handed them out does (whether they were Garry Hare or not is another question). Whether the information on the card is correct is another matter - it could have been a misprint, a mistake that happened too late to be corrected in time for the show.
It was Garry Hare handing them out guys, its not like Garry is not known from his CDI days, and the person who told me about it, like myself met Garry long before last year. If Garry was handing them out and they were misprints, dont you think he wouldnt have told people he was CEO during the conversation?? Also why did McEwen identify Garry as the CEO during his deposition in April if your theory is correct??
#123 Ketzer
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