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[Rant] No french papyrusANN.lu
Posted on 06-Aug-2004 09:54 GMT by Abused French people66 comments
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After having a look on titan's website it seems that ther's only german and english version of papyrus Office... so could you explain that? (published near a year ago) http://www.morphzone.org/modules/news/article.php?storyid=239 It seems quite logical no french people answered to your call to translation...
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Comment 2Johan Rönnblom06-Aug-2004 08:42 GMT
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Comment 4Emeric SH06-Aug-2004 09:37 GMT
Comment 5pixie06-Aug-2004 10:00 GMT
Comment 6pixie06-Aug-2004 10:07 GMT
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Comment 14polysys06-Aug-2004 12:19 GMT
Comment 15pixie06-Aug-2004 12:23 GMT
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Comment 22Kronos06-Aug-2004 15:58 GMT
Comment 23Agima06-Aug-2004 16:18 GMT
Comment 24pixie06-Aug-2004 16:19 GMT
Comment 25Joël EHRET06-Aug-2004 16:25 GMT
Comment 26Anonymous06-Aug-2004 17:04 GMT
Comment 27Christophe DecaniniRegistered user06-Aug-2004 17:42 GMT
Comment 28Alkis TsapanidisRegistered user06-Aug-2004 18:00 GMT
Comment 29Michael Garlich (TitanComputers)06-Aug-2004 19:39 GMT
Comment 30Anonymous06-Aug-2004 19:43 GMT
Comment 31Michael Garlich (TitanComputers)06-Aug-2004 19:46 GMT
Comment 32Kolbjørn Barmen06-Aug-2004 19:48 GMT
Comment 33joël EHRET06-Aug-2004 19:55 GMT
Comment 34joël EHRET06-Aug-2004 19:58 GMT
Comment 35Amon_ReRegistered user06-Aug-2004 20:35 GMT
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Comment 38Amon_ReRegistered user06-Aug-2004 20:40 GMT
Comment 39Serge06-Aug-2004 20:50 GMT
Comment 40Serge06-Aug-2004 20:59 GMT
Comment 41NekoRegistered user06-Aug-2004 21:08 GMT
Comment 42minator06-Aug-2004 21:26 GMT
Comment 43Johan Rönnblom07-Aug-2004 07:37 GMT
Comment 44Don CoxRegistered user07-Aug-2004 07:41 GMT
Comment 45Olegil07-Aug-2004 08:26 GMT
Comment 46Emeric SH07-Aug-2004 09:15 GMT
Comment 47Amon_ReRegistered user07-Aug-2004 09:33 GMT
Comment 48Anonymous07-Aug-2004 10:19 GMT
Comment 49miksuh07-Aug-2004 10:23 GMT
Comment 50Emeric SH07-Aug-2004 10:41 GMT
Comment 51Joël EHRET07-Aug-2004 11:33 GMT
Comment 52Don CoxRegistered user07-Aug-2004 13:18 GMT
Comment 53miksuh07-Aug-2004 13:27 GMT
Comment 54miksuh07-Aug-2004 13:28 GMT
Comment 55miksuh07-Aug-2004 13:30 GMT
Comment 56miksuh07-Aug-2004 13:32 GMT
Comment 57miksuh07-Aug-2004 13:34 GMT
Comment 58miksuh07-Aug-2004 13:45 GMT
Comment 59Johan Rönnblom07-Aug-2004 15:51 GMT
Comment 60Don CoxRegistered user07-Aug-2004 18:21 GMT
Comment 61breed07-Aug-2004 18:42 GMT
No french papyrus : Comment 62 of 66ANN.lu
Posted by Joël EHRET on 08-Aug-2004 04:09 GMT
In reply to Comment 60 (Don Cox):
Locale is not only catalogs, but also documentation, dictionnaries...

I hope french dictionnaries available as free extra won't be as bad as amigawriter ones...
#64 pixie
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Comment 63pixie08-Aug-2004 09:57 GMT
Comment 64pixie08-Aug-2004 12:37 GMT
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