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[Web] akGIF and akJFIF for MorphOS Yahoo groupANN.lu
Posted on 27-Aug-2004 06:14 GMT by Andreas Kleinert (Edited on 2004-08-27 18:39:38 GMT by Christophe Decanini)28 comments
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For anyone interested, there's now a Yahoo group for discussions and new beta versions, currently akGIF and akJFIF for MorphOS: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pswx-beta/
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Comment 1Andreas Kleinert27-Aug-2004 04:43 GMT
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Comment 13Ronald St-Maurice27-Aug-2004 23:55 GMT
Comment 14just myself28-Aug-2004 00:48 GMT
akGIF and akJFIF for MorphOS Yahoo group : Comment 15 of 28ANN.lu
Posted by Andreas Kleinert on 28-Aug-2004 05:42 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (Andreas Kleinert):
Ok, one word about 68k, OS4/PPC and MorphOS/PPC. Since you asked for it.

I am SICK about having to maitain half a dozen versions and builds for different CPUs and OS derivates (68000-060, PPC-PowerUP, PPC-WarpUP, PPC-MOS, PPC-...) - not counted the special code cases for gfx-lib 39/40 with out without SetPatch 43, with or without CyberGfx, with our without pic-dt 43 or 43, with or without 3rd party XYZ patches etc. - do you have the slightest idea how difficult proper software testing is under these circumstances?

Having one single code platform again makes things a hell lot of easier. And even in this case you may end up with: versions for 603/604, one version for G3, one for G4, one with AltiVec support, one with MOS 1.x workarounds, ...

So, once AOS4 is ready(*) and the hardware is a affordable, I would not mind to port things to AOS4 again. Starting from a very simple, single MOS codebase.

But the first step is, to get clean GCC- and PPC-proof code and remove all the OS 3.x 68k legacy.

(*) well, send me an AOne for free and I may play with it earlier
#16 Andreas Kleinert #17 Don Cox
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Comment 16Andreas Kleinert28-Aug-2004 05:43 GMT
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