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[News] Elbox photos from O.A.S.E. 2002ANN.lu
Posted on 17-Sep-2002 12:31 GMT by Wojtek Kozlowski29 comments
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Photos from the ELBOX presentation at O.A.S.E. 2002 in Graz are placed in NEWS | Tradeshows & Events | O.A.S.E. 2002.
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Elbox photos from O.A.S.E. 2002 : Comment 5 of 29ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 17-Sep-2002 11:38 GMT
Elbox :
Harald Kanning napisa³(a):
> AGP 4X!?? Now i'm convinced, i'll buy an AmigaONE AND a SharkPPC+.
> But one thing wonders me, if the SharkPPC is supposed to run the AmigaONE
> version of AmigaOS4 without modifications, then your northbridge has to be
> compatible with the MAI northbridge or the AmigaONE architecture in general?
To ensure compatibility of the operating system, the compatibility of the nothbridge chips is not necessary.
BIOS in the computer's board (card) FLASH is responsible for ensuring work of the operating system in various hardware configurations based on the same processor.
During the computer's startup, BIOS initialises hardware, that is configures northbrige, southbridge, memory chips and the installed PCI and AGP cards. (This is done similarly to configuration of PCI cards during the first start of the pci.library in Mediator systems.)
The operating system referring to particular devices is not looking for physical addresses for their configuration.
There is no need to adjust the AmigaOS system prepared with Teron CX/PX boards to work with the SharkPPC(+) cards. Ensuring compatibility of hardware initialistion on the BIOS level will do.
Exactly the same situation is in the PC board market. It's hard to imagine motherboard producers sending every new PC board type to Bill Gates to make modifications in the Windows system :))
Best regards, Darek Dulian
Answer of Ben Hermans :
I'm sorry but this is not how it works.
Even if the Bios initialises the hardware, things like device drivers and adaptation of the HAL(timerchip, IRQ mappings etc.) need to be carried out.
Especially if one considers that the SharkPPC will be located on a PCI bus.
Without detailed specifications of the hardware and a prototype we won't be seeing OS 4 on the Shark PPC.
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