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[Events] RJ Mical and Pegasos in HelsinkiANN.lu
Posted on 14-Nov-2003 14:23 GMT by -16 comments
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Pictures from the Pegasos demonstration today with RJ Mical, the creator of AmigaOS' Intuition, in Helsinki, Finland courtesy of the Finnish Amiga Users Group.
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RJ Mical and Pegasos in Helsinki : Comment 10 of 16ANN.lu
Posted by Oric1 on 14-Nov-2003 20:16 GMT
In reply to Comment 6 (bbrv):

3DO rocks, like the Amiga and the Lynx, they were all ahead of their time...
As for RJ I hope that this time he will given the "power" to do greats things.
Why not ask him also to expand Morphos in new dimension for the desktop?



>In September I tried to recruit RJ Mical to join the team. I put a lot of >energy into it, as RJ was skeptical of VIScorp. I finally succeeded! Then, >VIScorp blew him off. RJ and I couldn't believe it. What were they doing?
#12 bbrv
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