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[Events] RJ Mical and Pegasos in HelsinkiANN.lu
Posted on 14-Nov-2003 14:23 GMT by -16 comments
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Pictures from the Pegasos demonstration today with RJ Mical, the creator of AmigaOS' Intuition, in Helsinki, Finland courtesy of the Finnish Amiga Users Group.
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RJ Mical and Pegasos in Helsinki : Comment 6 of 16ANN.lu
Posted by bbrv on 14-Nov-2003 17:42 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (Joe "Floid" Kanowitz):
Hi Joe, we are working with RJ to develop a more refined strategy to move the platform into the mobile space. As you know this has been impossible to date because we have not had a commercially viable hardware platform. Today, we are still headed up a hill. And to use MarkTime's analogue of the other day, even if you were on the train you could not see over the top yet. We probably won't know exactly where we are going until we get there. Where is there? There is a place that has a fully functional modern computer that we own from top to bottom. That is the destination. When we get there we can head straight for the next destination -- like a laser beam. We are almost there. We are working with the biggest Companies in the entertainment and technology fields. Good things are coming. But, back to this Community...

MarkTime's "producer" theme is RIGHT on target, which is why we are forced to also create an outlet for all this wonderful production! Herein is the STB strategy, but OF COURSE this is not the complete focus. The focus is the business opportunity. As we said from the beginning the Pegasos is building block #1 and the real starting point. We need "producers." Producers do not sell to other Producers and Producers need something to work on and from. As MarkTime pointed out this market is WAY TOO small. At the same time, we cannot compete in the IT world as it is. The PC business is a commodity business. It is impossible for us to go head to head - even with IBM - against the likes of HP for example. We have to move things into the next dimension to be competitive. We cannot even begin to think about that until we have a stable computing platform on the market and in the hands of a few thousand talented souls.

About Dave...Dave is very active on the Phoenix mailing lists. Usually a day does not go by without a post from Dave. We get plenty of good insight from him. That does not mean we agree with him all the time, but it means we have an active and productive discussion -- as we do with you via email. There is no pressure from us to pit hero vs. hero. We are not interested in that. We are interested in understanding and maximizing all the potential opportunities, so that when that day is finally here and we can attack in mass the best objective we will do so with a total concentration of our forces.


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