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Posted on 01-Nov-2003 18:05 GMT by Targhan181 comments
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For our Italian friends there is now Pegasos-Italia! http://www.pegasos-italia.com
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Pegasos-Italia : Comment 62 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by bbrv on 02-Nov-2003 13:41 GMT
OK, you ask for it. Here it is:

The following problem is given with the current Articia S versions:

The CPU interface fails to make all needed PCI to Memory transactions transparent to the CPU. This leads to failed (missed) snoop responses from the CPU in case of a modified cache line. The result may be a data corruption. The problem can be verified by creating a huge DMA load to the system.

1) Create a Linux partition with reiserfs using the IDE channel
2) Create a Linux partition with reiserfs using a 1394 (firewire) drive
3) Create any Linux partition (any device possible)
4) Enable DMA for IDE using 'hdparm'
5) Copy some data ~1-2GB using 1) and 2)
6) unmount 1)+2)
7) run the 'reiserfsck' tool using an endless shell script for 1)+2)
8) Start a ftp of a huge file (>memory+swap) using 3) and calculate a checksum for that file using a endless shell script

Be sure that the L2 cache of the CPU is enabled during your tests. Watch the results.

Required Resources
1 Red Hat Linux Distribution 7.x
2 IDE Hard Drives
1 PCI Firewire Card
1 1394 Firewire Drive

Line 1) - One IDE Drive for the O/S
Line 2) - Needs PCI Firewire Card, 1394 Firewire Card and SW Drivers for same
Line 3) - Configure partition on additional IDE Drive

Requires 2 weeks minimum full time effort (probably 3 weeks) for someone with advanced Linux configuration setup and test expertise.

#64 Ben Hermans/Hyperion
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