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[News] IOSPIRIT freezes its own AMIGA-developmentsANN.lu
Posted on 08-Mar-2004 11:53 GMT by Felix Schwarz69 comments
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Felix Schwarz, with immediate effect, freezes the development of fxPAINT, fxSCAN, VHI Studio and the IOUSB- and VHI-drivers. Medusa and IBrowse are external developments and thus are not affected.

All products will stay in distribution. Whether the development will be reactivated at a later point in time mainly depends on the further economical and social development of the market and the profits made with it. The AMIGA-pages can be found at http://amiga.iospirit.de/ in the future. Although www.iospirit.de currently still redirects to this page, we nonetheless would be glad if existing hyperlinks in AMIGA-context would be adapted accordingly.

Subsequently, you'll find an open letter from Felix Schwarz to the AMIGA-community in all its occurences.

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Comment 18hooligan/dcsRegistered user08-Mar-2004 15:50 GMT
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Comment 20ilwrath08-Mar-2004 16:06 GMT
Comment 21Anonymous08-Mar-2004 16:09 GMT
Comment 22hooligan/dcsRegistered user08-Mar-2004 16:19 GMT
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Comment 24Don CoxRegistered user08-Mar-2004 16:24 GMT
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Comment 33Don CoxRegistered user08-Mar-2004 17:49 GMT
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Comment 35ilwrath08-Mar-2004 18:34 GMT
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Comment 37Don CoxRegistered user08-Mar-2004 19:09 GMT
Comment 38ilwrath08-Mar-2004 19:37 GMT
Comment 39brotheris08-Mar-2004 19:45 GMT
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