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Posted on 07-Jun-2004 20:11 GMT by Alkis Tsapanidis64 comments
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Here, you can find a new list of the features available in the current development
version of ambient. It gives an idea about what to expect in MorphOS 1.5.
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Comment 1BBRV07-Jun-2004 19:39 GMT
Comment 2Alkis TsapanidisRegistered user07-Jun-2004 19:58 GMT
Comment 3Anonymous07-Jun-2004 20:10 GMT
Comment 4Nicolas Sallin07-Jun-2004 20:20 GMT
Comment 5tokaiRegistered user07-Jun-2004 20:22 GMT
Comment 6Kjetil07-Jun-2004 20:54 GMT
Comment 7Nicolas Sallin07-Jun-2004 20:59 GMT
Comment 8Alkis TsapanidisRegistered user07-Jun-2004 20:59 GMT
Comment 9Bill Hoggett07-Jun-2004 21:25 GMT
Comment 10Agima PhD.07-Jun-2004 22:08 GMT
Comment 11greenboyRegistered user07-Jun-2004 22:14 GMT
Comment 12Anonymous07-Jun-2004 22:22 GMT
Comment 13gary_c07-Jun-2004 22:45 GMT
Comment 14itix07-Jun-2004 23:04 GMT
Comment 15Agima PhD.07-Jun-2004 23:51 GMT
Comment 16gary_c08-Jun-2004 01:11 GMT
Comment 17Anonymous08-Jun-2004 01:40 GMT
Comment 18hooligan/dcsRegistered user08-Jun-2004 03:05 GMT
Comment 19Anonymous08-Jun-2004 03:23 GMT
Comment 20Anonymous08-Jun-2004 03:25 GMT
Comment 21Anonymous08-Jun-2004 03:39 GMT
Ambient Featurelist! (MorphOS) : Comment 22 of 64ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 08-Jun-2004 04:19 GMT
In reply to Comment 15 (Agima PhD.):
I know that you are only here to troll, and I can understand your
desperation, because it seems like MorphOS is the ONLY next-generation
Amiga OS that will have a future (thanks to the Pegasos). The
pre-development OS4 version is too tightly tied to the A1 hardware,
and that will make it dead born in its incubator, and at the same time
the Pegasos is moving towards real mass-production (these are
obviously only the first steps, but it's HAPPENING!):


No more production runs in the hundreds, we are moving towards
thousands or maybe even tens of thousands of units EACH RUN! It's
happening! The Pegasos has really been embraced with love by Freescale
(and also IBM) and the Pegasos has already working CPU cards utilizing
the very latest and most modern PPC CPU's from both those vendors, and
these will go into production before the end of the summer. Another
result of this partnership will be that future Pegasos versions will
use the latest G5 architecture, and any other future CPU from those

And on the MorphOS side?


So Agima, I would be a little more humble if I were you. The current
version of OS4 is no real option for an Amigan that is looking for a
NG system to migrate to. It may be good for people who wants to
develop for Hyperions OS4 (who?), but that's it! It is currently not
good enough for serious usage in a general way (and that is what users
wants). In fact, on the A1 not even Linux is usable in a serious way.
In fact, there is no way to use the $800 A1 motherboard in a serious
way. The hardware is too expensive, too buggy, too old (it's even
getting quite hard to get a functioning memory module for it, and
those are becoming really expensive), there is nothing new in the
works that replaces it (except the Micro A1 which is even less for
about the same money). The A1/OS4 package did not make it to the
starting line, it was too little, too late and too expensive to make
it. So I would be a LITTLE more humble if I were you!

The only way for OS4 to have a serious future (whenever it matures
enough to be at least usable to a general public) is to jump on the
Open Desktop Workstation bandwagon. You will get a free ride to an
established customer base (like any other OS for the platform)! Either
that, or make it run on Mac hardware (like MorphOS will).
#24 Crumb // AAT #33 Agima #35 Agima #46 xxx
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Comment 23Emeric SH08-Jun-2004 05:44 GMT
Comment 24Crumb // AATRegistered user08-Jun-2004 06:20 GMT
Comment 25Crumb // AATRegistered user08-Jun-2004 06:24 GMT
Comment 26takemehomegrandmaRegistered user08-Jun-2004 08:50 GMT
Comment 27takemehomegrandmaRegistered user08-Jun-2004 08:58 GMT
Comment 28takemehomegrandmaRegistered user08-Jun-2004 09:29 GMT
Comment 29Crumb // AATRegistered user08-Jun-2004 09:50 GMT
Comment 30takemehomegrandmaRegistered user08-Jun-2004 11:07 GMT
Comment 31itix08-Jun-2004 11:27 GMT
Comment 32Emeric SH08-Jun-2004 11:31 GMT
Comment 33Agima08-Jun-2004 12:04 GMT
Comment 34Leif08-Jun-2004 13:11 GMT
Comment 35Agima08-Jun-2004 13:15 GMT
Comment 36Anonymous08-Jun-2004 13:29 GMT
Comment 37Agima08-Jun-2004 13:35 GMT
Comment 38Anonymous08-Jun-2004 13:49 GMT
Comment 39Agima08-Jun-2004 13:52 GMT
Comment 40Alkis TsapanidisRegistered user08-Jun-2004 14:10 GMT
Comment 41pixie08-Jun-2004 14:10 GMT
Comment 42Agima08-Jun-2004 14:20 GMT
Comment 43Alkis TsapanidisRegistered user08-Jun-2004 14:48 GMT
Comment 44Agima08-Jun-2004 14:51 GMT
Comment 45Bill Hoggett08-Jun-2004 14:54 GMT
Comment 46xxx08-Jun-2004 15:23 GMT
Comment 47Agima08-Jun-2004 16:20 GMT
Comment 48Kjetil08-Jun-2004 17:05 GMT
Comment 49Kjetil08-Jun-2004 17:09 GMT
Comment 50Jon08-Jun-2004 18:21 GMT
Comment 51Agima08-Jun-2004 18:51 GMT
Comment 52Anonymous08-Jun-2004 19:07 GMT
Comment 53Agima08-Jun-2004 19:10 GMT
Comment 54greenboyRegistered user08-Jun-2004 19:33 GMT
Comment 55Jon08-Jun-2004 19:35 GMT
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Comment 57Agima08-Jun-2004 21:34 GMT
Comment 58Agima08-Jun-2004 21:35 GMT
Comment 59hooligan/dcsRegistered user09-Jun-2004 02:25 GMT
Comment 60Van_M09-Jun-2004 02:40 GMT
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Comment 62xxx09-Jun-2004 12:09 GMT
Comment 63gary_c09-Jun-2004 12:36 GMT
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