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[News] Amiga 2001 news update (updated)ANN.lu
Posted on 18-Nov-2001 15:07 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä69 comments
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Some news gathered from several sources attending the show.

A complete Pegasos-based computer system that will be on sale next year will cost approximately 1000 euro (~$900). The motherboards will also be available separately.

Hyperion and Haage & Partner are developing AmigaOS 4 with several other developers. New features include:

  • PPC native Picasso96
  • New Warp3D with "Matrox-, Permedia3- and Radeon1/2-support"
  • Generic PCI-drivers
  • USB-support
  • BlizzardPPC-support evaluated
  • Integrated 68k-emulation
  • PPC datatypes
  • Price: approximately the same as OS3.9
  • Initial release planned for February
Hyperion also told that they've been talking with both Elbox and BPlan and that they want to have versions of AmigaOS 4 for the SharkPPC and Pegasos.

[The original item I posted had some mistakes in it, and since amiga-news.de even took down the article I used as a primary source, I decided to repost the item edited - Teemu] [I merged new article and old comments - CK]

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Amiga 2001 news update (updated) : Comment 53 of 69ANN.lu
Posted by Dave on 19-Nov-2001 14:09 GMT
In reply to Comment 47 (Lennart Fridén):
OMG, Im agreeing with Smithy!
Sorry but the trailing smiley doesnt make it better or anyway less offensive.
Its bad enough when people confuse those that work for ( in a coalface role ) a big corporation and the political side of the corporation ( which is often controlled by a very small number of egotistical directors and VPs ).
Nothing can justify joking about the twin-towers disaster. I would not wish anything other than failure to sell their products on a company I did not like. I certainly would not advocate /joking or otherwise/ genocide ( or should that be corporocide ).
Given that I work, in a senior role, for a company who is not very popular with Amiga users ( judging by the outbursts of hate on this forum ) and some of whose employees have perished in the incident I found that remark very offensive.
To suggest that if it was a certain companies employees then the incident would make it more acceptable is a disgusting statement and should not be the basis of humour.
Maybe Im misreading the comment. Perhaps its national boundaries or cultural differences that mean that I find that post unamusing. *shrug* Maybe whoever posted it will think again before they post anything so insensitive in future.
#58 Anonymous
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