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Posted on 07-Nov-2003 19:55 GMT by Tony Gore37 comments
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The NC/SC Amiga User Group presents an interview with developer Jim Wingard of Omniscience. The interview outlines the process of becoming an AmigaDE developer, the software development cycle, as well as his take on AmigaDE in general. Read the full interview ...
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NCSCAUG Interview with Omniscience : Comment 12 of 37ANN.lu
Posted by Purist on 08-Nov-2003 10:35 GMT

How else could the Amiga users fell about a company that after buying the rights to the trademark and the exclusive license from Gateway, anounces that they are returning the Amiga to where it belongs: to the users. Soon after they announce AmigaOS dead. Then they keep posting some pure marketing informatinon targeted at Amiga users to switch to the DE platform. If they are so hosnest why didn't they allowed the companies that were still developing AmigaOS, or could do so, continue it for the sake of the users?? Yes why? Simple, they have their own agenda to make money and put it in first place.
OS4? It's only because they FINNALY understood that most Amiga users are not so blind but hey TOO LATE. In what concerns the Amiga fans they done the final mercy killing that Collas started when Linux was to be used. The people left are mostly not very technically savvy, they're just users that ignore the targets of the main company. If you look back at the Amiga community back in 1997, in wasn't like that. There were many technically savvy people that left the platform at that time. It's impossible to predict the future, but I'd bet that they's slowly transform AmigaOS into just something to fit their DE agenda. Why else would they announce AmigaOS dead when there were plenty developers willing to continue it? When the real users showed and THEY KNEW, that their interest was in AmigaOS (what else could it be anyway).
Please do us a favour and give the Amiga name to Hyperion or Genesi. Hyperion are the sacrafice lambs to your agenda and they don't know it.
#15 samface
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