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[Web] Ambient Featurelist! (MorphOS)ANN.lu
Posted on 07-Jun-2004 20:11 GMT by Alkis Tsapanidis64 comments
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Here, you can find a new list of the features available in the current development
version of ambient. It gives an idea about what to expect in MorphOS 1.5.
[Web] AmigaShare UpdateANN.lu
Posted on 05-Jun-2004 01:08 GMT by Choochy19 comments
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Just a quick update!

Firstly, Steffen Haeuser has kindly handed us his ports of the following applications, compiled to run natively on OS4:

Stella, xMame, xMess, xCPMame and xNEOMame

They are all freely available at softwarelibrary.amigashare.com

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[Web] Computer City newsANN.lu
Posted on 04-Jun-2004 18:03 GMT by Computer City1 comments
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Computer City would like to announce that all Nova Design products are now in stock and available for immediate delivery to both endusers and resellers. And overview of the products can be found here.

Furthermore, Computer City will be present at the Retro Computing Show in Maarssen on june 19th. More information on the show can be found on the official website.

And last but not least, we have a number of special promotions and items that are available again after a long period of time. Some of the items can be found in the special offers category on our new webshop server, www.computercity.biz.

Enjoy the summer!
Computer City

[Web] "From Genesi(s) to Revelation" a HUUUGE interesting Pegasos reviewANN.lu
Posted on 02-Jun-2004 18:57 GMT by Raffaele222 comments
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Professor Fulvio Peruggi illustrious member of Amiga community here in Naples, Italy, wrote a huuuuge review on his new "little monster" Pegasos II G4 machine, regarding what means amiga philosophy, usage of Pegasos, compatibility of programs, productivity, multimedia, office applications, Mac emulation and much, much more. You can find it here (A very omnicomprensive review). News taken from morphozone.org.

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[Web] IntuitionBase updateANN.lu
Posted on 01-Jun-2004 00:31 GMT by Ryu2 comments
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www.IntuitionBase.com update: Thanks to Elwood I am now able to provide a much more comprehensive UBoot guide, please browse over to here and take a look.

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[Web] Images of OS4 Pre-release CDANN.lu
Posted on 31-May-2004 14:22 GMT by Ferry (Edited on 2004-05-31 16:26:09 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä)85 comments
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Images of the OS4 pre-release CD and package on AW.net.



[Web] New Gallery on the Amiga Future PageANN.lu
Posted on 22-May-2004 15:21 GMT by Andreas Magerl2 comments
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Since today there is the new Gallery range of "Leser Rechner" within the Interactive range the Amiga Future homepage.

Here will it in the future zukunft picture of Amigas, room, plant, software/hardware collection etc. of you find.

please send your photos to redaktion@amigafuture.de to publish in this gallery.



[Web] CAN online againANN.lu
Posted on 20-May-2004 19:37 GMT by Anbjorn Myren (Edited on 2004-05-21 02:32:04 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä)24 comments
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Czech Amiga News seemes to be back online again after not being updated in more than a year :)
[Web] German Interview with ElenaANN.lu
Posted on 19-May-2004 12:16 GMT by Andreas Magerl8 comments
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Today we release the german translate from the Elan Interview from the Amigaworld Page.




[Web] MorphOS SDL Support Website - http://sdl.innoidea.huANN.lu
Posted on 12-May-2004 09:19 GMT by Emeric SH51 comments
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A support page for MorphOS SDL development has been launched. You can track history, download sources and various precompiled ports here, just as well as you can send feedbacks and bug reports.

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