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[News] More on Amiga's developer supportANN.lu
Posted on 29-Aug-2000 14:39 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš13 comments
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Amiga's Gary Peake posted some more details about the planned developer support program on the Amiopen list. Read it below.

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[News] QNX RealTime Platform PreviewANN.lu
Posted on 28-Aug-2000 20:12 GMT by Christian Kemp18 comments
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In a news item on the QNX RealTime Platform Preview, Slashdot also mentioned Phoenix. Not surprising, given that Mike Bouma, a still very much active Amiga user, submitted it. Mike Bouma writes "Since the QNX RtP will be free for personal use this late-september, this BeNews preview will see how QNX RtP compares to BeOS and to free Linux systems. QSSL is a member of the Phoenix Platform Consortium which goal is to produce an Amiga-like successor OS. QNXStart.com will be a starting point for the QNX RtP community and is first in a series of Phoenix partner websites."
[News] iFUSION newsANN.lu
Posted on 28-Aug-2000 12:44 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš8 comments
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Microcode Solutions have posted this update on the Amiga version of iFUSION, stating that they'll "be posting the new iFUSION interface for customer review in the near future". They are also requesting some help with the handling of AmigaDOS devices.

[News] Mediator updateANN.lu
Posted on 26-Aug-2000 13:03 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš49 comments
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Vision Factory Development are reporting that they've made a Virge-based PCI graphics card successfully work through the Mediator busboard with their CyberGraphX 3 driver (CGX4 driver is in the works). Also a driver for 3Dfx Voodoo3 is being worked on.

[Motd] IP addresses now tracked in commentsANN.lu
Posted on 25-Aug-2000 19:25 GMT by Christian Kemp29 comments
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I've been forced by recent events to add a few lines of code to the comments script that will serve to track and display the IP address of where any comment that is added originates from. This is pretty much superficial, as it doesn't solve the problem of fake names or a few people pretending to be somebody else, but at least it should make it easier to track the most obvious attempts at such forgery. I don't think tracking IP's is a good thing, but it seems to have become a necessary evil to at least try to keep ANN's comments from degrading any further. Thanks for your understanding.
[Files] 2nd JIT UAE Alpha availableANN.lu
Posted on 25-Aug-2000 13:23 GMT by Christian Kemp11 comments
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Bernie Meyer writes in comp.sys.amiga.misc: After almost 600 successful downloads of the first Alpha version of the JIT-UAE (also known as "Bobvou", or "Bernie's own bastardized version of UAE"), it's time to release the second Alpha. This is mostly a hack that adds just-in-time compilation to the Linux version of UAE, making it a lot faster than the traditional UAE. Read more below.

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Category: misc/emu
License: Free
Full Release (2.5M)
UAE 0.8.14 patch (100k)

[News] Another Amiga article on developerWorksANN.lu
Posted on 24-Aug-2000 13:59 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš11 comments
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Daniel Robbins posted this article about the Amiga SDK on the IBM developerWorks website.

[News] Mobile device software company partners with AmigaANN.lu
Posted on 24-Aug-2000 13:28 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš1 comments
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Amiga have released this announcement about an agreement with Ruksun Software Technologies, a company specializing in the development of Internet and Connectivity application software for mobile and wireless devices. Ruksun have products available currently for WinCE, EPOC and PalmOS operating systems. They have agreed to port Messenger Force (instant messenger a la ICQ) and IMAP Force (e-mail client) from their product portfolio to the new Amiga platform, to start with.

[Rant] Jason Compton on Amiga/Red Hat announcementANN.lu
Posted on 24-Aug-2000 07:07 GMT by Christian Kemp39 comments
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Jason Compton wrote in comp.sys.amiga.misc: All this is, is an announcement that says that Red Hat will sell Amiga's SDK through their web store. I confirmed with Red Hat's Melissa London (who confirmed it with execs within the company) that this is in no way an announcement of any agreement, alliance, partnership, or joint development agreement. This is, in effect, a press release that says "Our CD is on sale at RedHat.com." Don't let anyone tell you different.
[News] Red Hat alliance reported at SlashdotANN.lu
Posted on 23-Aug-2000 12:29 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš0 comments

Slashdot has also reported Amiga's announcement about an alliance with Red Hat.

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